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How to increase the maximum PHP file upload size limit in cPanel Print

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By default, cPanel sets the maximum file upload size to 2MB. Follow this guide to increase the upload limit.


  1. Log into WHM
  2. Navigate to "WHM / Software / MultiPHP Manager"
  3. Select the version of PHP that your site uses
  4. Increase the following variables
    • upload_max_filesize
    • post_max_size (This should be larger than or equal to upload_max_filesize)
    • memory_limit (This should be larger than or equal to post_max_size)
    • max_execution_time (Optional, but can prevent timeout errors for large files)
  5. Click "Apply"
  6. Repeat for all versions of PHP that you require larger file upload sizes for.


Please note, the maximum size for these variables is 2GB.

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